Tim Traini (shadowtherat) wrote in garagemusic,
Tim Traini

Getting a hell of noise using a Lightsnake cable

Hi, I figured some community existed for Garageband, best program I've ever used, but I've gotten myself a bit of trouble.

I bought a guitar and a Lightsnake cable and when I go through the setup to get it to work in GB I get this very annoying howl coming through. It's not the guitar, that worked fine on other amps, and when the guitar is unplugged and the cable is still plugged in, the sound remains. Sometimes the noise gets louder than the guitar on certan settings.

I can somewhat fix this by changing the Gate settings on the track in GB if I turn it up enough, but then it cuts out the guitar if I hold a note for too long.

Using OSX 10.4.10 and GB 2.02 (50)

Edit: And if I turn off the pickup volume it is constant static. Is the cable bad? The static and noise seems related to the top pickup knob, but if the pickup was off in some way it would have been doing the same in a normal amp?
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