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Music for a documentary

Hi, I recorded the following with he same set up as the bumper sticker tune. There is some empty space at the beginning of the track, BTW, does anyone know a way to solve this problem in GarageBand?
I usually leave a long quiet space at the beginning of my recordings - to give myself time to make it to the drums or listen to the click for a bit before playing, various reasons. Then, when I am done recording, I mix. The problem it that if cut the lead time off of the front of the file and drag the tracks to the beginning, all the volume and panning "curves" stay in place, obliterating any mixing I have done. It seems to me that exporting to iTunes and reimporting to garageBand to clip the beginning off is the only solution, but does hat not degrade the quality? Is there a way around this?

Theme to the documentary "Threatened"


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