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Exporting to mp3 + Mono?

Hey, first time poster in this community.

I've just started teaching myself how to use GarageBand, I had to give myself a crash course as I've gotten myself involved in an online karaoke group and I need to regularly submit lines for song projects.

Anyway... my problem is this, I'm told by the group's leader that my recordings have to fulfill these requirements: "Record in 44100hz, Mono, 16-Bit, mp3."

The 44100Hz and 16-Bit part is fine, since that seems to be GarageBands's default setting(where can I actually check if this is true?), my trouble is to get my track to stay in mono when I export it to iTunes to later convert it to mp3.

I set the new track (in GB) to be mono, but after exporting it to iTunes and checking the info of the track, it says stereo :S What am I supposed to do?

Another question. I need to record one line at a time when I do songs (I'm sending the lines to another person who will mix my lines in with other people's lines), is there a way to have multiple tracks in one project but save/export each track of the project separately? That would really make things a lot easier for me.

Thank you so much for your time, thanks in advance for any help!
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