Getting a hell of noise using a Lightsnake cable

Hi, I figured some community existed for Garageband, best program I've ever used, but I've gotten myself a bit of trouble.

I bought a guitar and a Lightsnake cable and when I go through the setup to get it to work in GB I get this very annoying howl coming through. It's not the guitar, that worked fine on other amps, and when the guitar is unplugged and the cable is still plugged in, the sound remains. Sometimes the noise gets louder than the guitar on certan settings.

I can somewhat fix this by changing the Gate settings on the track in GB if I turn it up enough, but then it cuts out the guitar if I hold a note for too long.

Using OSX 10.4.10 and GB 2.02 (50)

Edit: And if I turn off the pickup volume it is constant static. Is the cable bad? The static and noise seems related to the top pickup knob, but if the pickup was off in some way it would have been doing the same in a normal amp?

Ok so garageBand is really cool and all.....

and it supposedly "democratizes"music a little bit, but we don't see many new tunes in hear. I hope it's not that we are not producing. I say each one of us posts a new recording by December 23rd. I am sure it will be an interesting mix. And what the hell, we might start listening to each others music.
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Howdy folks, new member. Wanted to share a song and ask a question.

I've had this bass line in my head for about two weeks now, so I finally sat down in GarageBand and wrote it out. After that I penned a pretty fun drum beat to go with it. Then I couldn't stop, so I wandered through GB's built-in loops and threw down some on top. Check it out:


I tried writing a horn section for the song, but I don't have a real keyboard to play on, just the Powerbook. Is there a way to manually add a pitch bend, or can you only adjust what's coming from the MIDI stream? Does the same apply to modulation?
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Music for a documentary

Hi, I recorded the following with he same set up as the bumper sticker tune. There is some empty space at the beginning of the track, BTW, does anyone know a way to solve this problem in GarageBand?
I usually leave a long quiet space at the beginning of my recordings - to give myself time to make it to the drums or listen to the click for a bit before playing, various reasons. Then, when I am done recording, I mix. The problem it that if cut the lead time off of the front of the file and drag the tracks to the beginning, all the volume and panning "curves" stay in place, obliterating any mixing I have done. It seems to me that exporting to iTunes and reimporting to garageBand to clip the beginning off is the only solution, but does hat not degrade the quality? Is there a way around this?

Theme to the documentary "Threatened"

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New member, a song, and driving advice

Hi I just found this community but it looks as if noone is here anymore, just in case....
Here is a song I recorded useing GarageBand with a sure BG4.1 mic and an Maudio duo (oh yes, and on a mac mini)
The song (jingle really) is for a bumper sticker campaign aiming to eliminate traffic jams through better driving habits.

The song is here
comments appreciated
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I use GarageBand a lot for converting cassettes into mp3s/CDs. Mostly local bands from my high school days that only had cassette demos out. I have been doing it one song at a time, but there has to be a better way. Is there? Is there a way that I can record an entire side of a cassette, and then cut it up into regions and export each region as its own song? I also have Soundtrack. Yes? No? Am I doomed to doing this 1 track at a time?

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posting for an associate who had this occur while running garage band?

if this is not the community for trouble shooting info, my apologies:

g4 tower
OS 10.3.9

while trying to play a 30 minute project with 7 or 8 tracks
the warning appeared stating how she did not have enough processing power
she has a gig and then some RAM

it asked her to restart

she did

a gig of ram is now missing

any help or suggestions or links?

the PDF manual doesn't really discuss things like this


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does anyone know how to accomplish this? I installed the core audio and I can't find where to add applications for it to support- I installled the latest drivers and it kept looking for a mbox2 in system preferences- I set the inputs in system preferences: Sound to mbox and the input in garageband to mbox and the volume is ghosted out in the add track/real instrument tab..

says I need to use Digidesign CoreAudio Setup- but that thing doesn't exist anywhere on my computer after the install grrrr!